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Get lost (said to someone as if they cannot afford their own wheels, a cab, or limo.)
Eddie: Yo' sister has a dope set of hoochies.
Freddie: Take a bus, junior 'fore I bust a cap in yo' nasty ass !


Eddie: I call shotgun!
Eddie: Take a bus, loser.
by 209 fo' evah July 05, 2010

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A phrase borrowed from the golf course. This gives permission to an individual or group to discontinue listening to your boring discourse about yourself.
Will: ...and I won "Best Lawyer" award again, and I have 704 friends on Facebook, and I've never suffered, and once at the Eiffel Tower..... (then notices the attention of listener is wandering) ...oh, that's OK....you just go ahead and play through....and I took her picture at the catacombs...and I'm handsome...
by 209 fo' evah July 11, 2010

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This phrase, originally used only in the context of telephone customer service, has now gained popularity in any situation that calls for competence beyond what is being offered, or simply used as an obnoxious distraction.
" Jimbo had a limp pecker AGAIN so I asked for a little on shore help."

Police person: "Can I see your license and registration, please?"

LaRon "Only if I can get some onshore help."

Judge: "Please remand the accused to custody."

Jumbo (Jimbo's brother) "Can't a brother get some on shore help here or what?"
by 209 fo' evah August 16, 2010

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