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To sit at a table for a collegiate organization in order to harrass those who pass by in the hopes of raising money for your unfortuante cause of the day
I was tableing for the vagina monologues when a huge monkey attacked. .... luckily I was tableing so he didnt bother me.
by Houlahan February 21, 2006
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The Act of the dominant figure in a relationship getting so horny in waiting for sex with their partner that they "snap" and force sexual activity upon their partner wherever they are. The term Tableing is derived from this scenario happening in a restaurant.
Linda: This Meal is so lovely
Bob: *SNAPS* LINDA!!! TABLE!!! NOW!!!!

*The "Tableing" Begins*
by The Clarkster 27 May 04, 2009
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In Tabletop or Board Games involving armies, tableing or to table someone is to completely and utter wipe out an opponent's unit from the board, often in an aggressive manner.

Sometimes, not always, tableing someone requires that the army had been built specifically to destroy another person's army, or to ignore strategics assets in order to bring more firepower, so tableing someone on purpose can be considered rude, especially by the loser.
Player 1: "Ok, I move my flamethrower units closer to your last squad and fire. *rolls* That's 8 hits."

Player 2: "Rolling to save. *rolls* Nothing. You wiped out the whole squad. Damn it, I've been tabled!"

PLayer 1/Observer: "Maybe you should try different units to avoid tableing"
by Luke_Prowler July 29, 2010
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