1. A person who is usually unbelievably, exceptionally good at the things they do, sometimes with little to no effort at all. Prodigy's can be rare to come by and usually attract a large fanbase and audiences consisting of both fans who want to know them and haters who want to be them.
Bj penn is the prodigy of the ufc. Michael Jordan was the prodigy of the Nba.
by Young Prodigy October 2, 2009
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amazing UK group who have dipped into dance/techno/heavy/trance and kept the queer boy bands outta the top 10 in the late 80's to mid 90's.
by S March 14, 2003
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A hard ass rap nigga from Queens, New York and one half of the infamous duo Mobb Deep.
Prodigy got da hardest to hit da streets in a minute, cuz.
by D.E. May 13, 2003
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Pronunciation: 'prä-d&-jE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -gies
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin prodigium omen, monster, from pro-, prod- + -igium (akin to aio I say) -- more at ADAGE
1 a : a portentous event : OMEN b : something extraordinary or inexplicable
2 a : an extraordinary, marvelous, or unusual accomplishment, deed, or event b : a highly talented child or youth
I'm known as a prodigy in Tennis.
by Burnserker123 June 11, 2005
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A person who is a pro at digging.
Hey. i just found your great aunt with my prodigy skills.
by Teddie January 18, 2006
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A child who plays the piano when he/she ought to be in bed
Mozart: lecherous junkie genius murdered by ......
by dpme December 27, 2005
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