Dude, my iPod needs to synch faster!

That track is totally out of synch with the lights.
by veritas007 December 04, 2014
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When someone is acting very stupid in a retarded like manor.
a group of friends are out for dinner and one of the friends spills their drink all over the table: "bro you have the synch"
by johnny pastoreeeee December 21, 2010
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some one who has been owned, also someone being drilled off their tit. Other meanings include, when some one is lighting a smoke and with the lighter synch their mo.
playing call of duty 4: you just got owned in Search and Destroy, John says: 'hahah you got synched'

Jezza: ' dude i just synched my mo, fuck'
by Bartas + Paps(orkestrated) TFU November 16, 2008
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In ageement.
When asked if everyone was in agreement that the player with the blue cap could could give Santana a run for his money, D spoke for the group when he said "Definately. We're synched on that. The Zen master is solid."
by The T Man February 19, 2004
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When your playing a video game or watching a movie and it starts raining or you hear gunshots,then it starts raining or you hear gunshots in the real world and the two synch up.
Making your virtual experience much more real.
I was playing Witcher the other day standing on a cliff and it started raining,all of a sudden it started raining for real and the smell and sound gave me a reality synch.
by boomstick6699 December 06, 2016
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a lip-syncher is a person who mimes on stage in a concert e.g britney spears and maddona.
by GABRIELLA October 11, 2004
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If you miss someone a lot and are away from them, you can both listen to the same song at the same time, and you will feel a deep connection to the other person, you will imagine what they are doing and feeling. It is different than talking on the phone. Both people get a strange feeling of bittersweetness and connection while the song is playing.
I miss Andrew so much since he is in LA. We ear synch sometimes to connect to each other.
by Angelacia May 01, 2007
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