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Popularized by The youth of Los Angeles, Synching is the gesture of "Synching" energies with another person by facing your palms to one another and making small circular motions. Its been known to be the new handshake as it can be done at a distance, does not require physical contact, and can be done with multiple people.
Synching is most commonly performed when two or more people find themselves agreeing on a particular subject, during moments of excitement, or as greetings/farewells. That way, it shares the positive energy that the two people are feeling in that moment.

Will: "Do you like that show, Workaholics?"

Dorothy: "OH MY GOD YES!! I Love that show!!"

Will: "Me too!!"

(Will and Dorothy sync upon learning they both feel the same way about a certain subject)
by TowersOnWestern April 28, 2013
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