Another name for the main man in the gang. Usually carries a watermelon packed with C4 and likes to molest starfish. Do not confront a Jezza unless you want your small intestine moulded into the shape of a sheep farmer shoving a cucumber inside the slick nostrils of Queen Victoria of England.
"Lemon and lime for me and the wife, and a north-Korean-nuke-boom-vodka-shot-a-daddy-hoot-hoot for Jezza"
by WishyWashyOo-eckSausage February 20, 2014
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Jezza is a name of a wise, independent and smart lady. She loves to sing (she’s talented) and read novels. She’s easy to be with, funny, and most importantly she’s sweet but you must be careful to never underestimate her. She has a lot of friends but she’s wise enough to know who’real and who’s faking. Music is her escape. You can count on her, she’s a must have type of friend and partner. She’s not only brainy but she’s also beautiful inside and outside but she’s not perfect, she also has flaws like she can’t forgive and forget easily for she has a very sharp memory. She’s the life of the party, don’t mess with her. Lastly, she don’t need anyone to be with her to go the mall or even to grab a coffee or food. Girl, that’s self love, she’s a total babe!
“Jezza is word for a lad or lass that is strong, talented and smart”
“Really?! My baby’s name will be Jezza too!”
by pakay January 30, 2020
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When some who is dyslexic and can't spell jeez right so they acadently spell it like jezza
I keep spelling jeez like jezza how stupid am I
by Lola rose 673 December 16, 2019
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Short for Jeremy Corbyn, a Labour party candidate for the role of Prime minister in the United Kingdom.
Person 1: ' Who did you vote for in the election? '
Person 2: ' Jezza of course! Oh Jerermy Corbyn! Ooooh Jermy Corbyn! '
Person 1: Rolls eyes and walks away
by Daniel.Bez September 27, 2020
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jezza; a nickname for a lad named jeremy
big man jezza kyle just whipped out the lie detector answers
by big man onsite May 06, 2018
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