Sxephil is the name of the Youtube channel belonging to Philip DeFranco. He posts videos relating to celebrity gossip, politics, and other things affecting the world or America. He also has several videos that are for entertainment alone, with no information given. However, all of his videos are humorous.
1. Sxephil just posted a new video!
2. Sxephil, he's not sexy, sxephil he's S-X-E.
by Haleyyyy January 11, 2008
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One of Youtube's most intelligent top-subscribed users. He started out as a comedian, but claims he stopped because he isn't funny, which is a complete falsity. Now he makes Youtube videos relating to politics, current events, and occasionally celebrities. He also has a few sites outside of Youtube.
sxephil, he's not sexy Phil, he's sxephil.

by Black_Spade July 11, 2008
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A Youtube personality who has a "show" which has more pointless babbling than The View. He thinks he is smarter than he is and greatly overestimates his sense of self worth to society. Basically, just another Gen Y doucher who thinks that his opinion is relevant and important when it actually is just uninteresting. Just because you have a webcam, it doesn't make you qualified to state your opinions.
I watched a video of sxephil and I thought I found an ad for kids who need Ritalin instead.
by johnbelushi-rules-all October 27, 2009
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Sxephil is just another new media douchebag who further cheapens the internet's value by flooding it with videos featuring his useless personal views and ugly face.
Man, I wish that attention whore Sxephil would just drop dead... he is SUCH a douchebag. I was just trying to surf the net for porn when I ran into his ugly face... now my erection is as weak as his overall talent level."
by lancecampeau July 23, 2009
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"I keep hearing about some guy on youtube named sxephil."

"Yeah, hes the flaming cunt rag with waxed eyebrows who loves gossip. He's gay as hell."
by VAdirtyS November 28, 2009
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sXephil is amazing.
He's NOT straight edge. He does drink! He is an internet celebrity on YouTube. He "phils you in" about news that you probably wouldn't hear about regulary. Sometimes the stories are funny and sometimes they are serious. He has done some game reviews as well. He sometimes makes jokes about punching babies and "things smaller than him", but he's just joking and is really a great guy. He does awesome prank calls on his live shows. He has been featured on TV and in news papers for his videos ('8 Teens Charged With Beating 16 y/o Girl' and 'F*CK VIACOM!...').
Dude 1: Hey! Have you been Phil'd in today?
Dude 2: Yeah! sXephil's new video was awesome!
by bloocar July 12, 2008
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Coolest youtube person. Tells it like sugar coating anything!
Dude Jack is such a sXephil!
by politicsRboring April 11, 2009
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