continuous sliding on smartphone keyboard from letter to letter in order to write. Replaces typing and is faster.
begin at s (for the word swype) and slide to w, then y, then p and then e. The completed word appears on the smartphone screen. This is a writing movement that is very forgving. Spelled with a y rather than an i in order to distinguish it from swipe (a form of stealing).
by catfoopy January 04, 2014
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An adjective to describe something that is very cool and exciting at the same time. A combination of the words "sweet" and "hype".
Damn dude, that concert was amazing! His flow was so swype

I can't wait for this weekend, the parties are going to be so swype
by CGMcG April 14, 2014
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A Swype-O (also: swypo;swype-o) is a kind of typo made using touch based keyboards such as swype that build words based on the path a user's finger takes as it is drawn along the surface of the virtual keyboard.
By putative, I mean passive. Sorry, Swype-o.
by JyoNah July 19, 2010
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A practical joke frequently played on not-so-smart people by disturbingly intelligent cell phones, wherein a neutral word in a text message is automatically replaced by Swype to create inuendo where none was intended.
Text #1: "I'm looking for semen to help me."
Text #2: "Damn freudian swype, that was supposed to be 'someone' not 'semen'."
by paperklutz January 22, 2011
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Occurs when your SmartPhone taps into your unconscious and inserts words into your posts, texts, or emails that were not what you intended, but are usually much more interesting and often revealing.
New freshman facebook post on the first day of classes.

She makes a Freudian Swype when she uses her Droid to make the following Facebook post. "First day of caskets! Here we go!"

Freudian meaning: The student is afraid that she is going to die; that is, that she is not ready for college.
by Dr. Chrispy August 27, 2012
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When using Swype on an Android phone to text and the wrong word pops up, unnoticed, changing the meaning of the text. (Usually in a funny or sexual way)
"Hey! Am I gettin laid 2nite?"


"Sorry, freudian swype. Am I gettin PAID 2nite?"
by Lucas Spynacus January 11, 2013
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