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To sing, whoop and move.
You're a swoover if you do all three!
A swoovie is a swoove selfie.
I love to swoove at weddings. I love my swoove classes. Pete is a really good swoover.
by Lady Feather January 29, 2016
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a great combo of the words smooth and suave. the irony is the word swoove sounds neither smooth or suave.
Im a swoove motherfucker.
snoop dog is a swoove operator, he gets all the bitches
by Ryan and Jeremy September 06, 2007
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Sexy area along side of the hip, between abs and top of thigh; this would be the "love handle" area, for those who are not as ::ehem:: "fit"
Girl, did you see how fit he was?! He even had the swoove!

Man, I need to work out so I can get rid of these love handles. I'm tryna have a swoove so I can induce droolage among the ladies.
by Nyela Goodness April 29, 2009
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A compilation of smooth and suave to be used when someone, generally a male, has approached a member of the opposite sex in the best way possible.
Did you see that? That was so swoove she's buying him a drink.
by Fawkesflames May 11, 2007
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A female, hoe, or bitch that you might try to holler at have sex with, or a lady that is very attractive and that is very sexually active.
A trig you see that swoove coming this way, that bitch sexy as fuck.
by Karle'on Jones January 02, 2007
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