an expression used when you try to clearly explain something in a manner and bring your confidence up when actually you're feeling down.
ehem , i didn't mean to hurt you. :)
ehem, it's for you.
by entertherabbit June 2, 2005
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word used when things are awkward,usely used when an unexpected rash breaks out, or commonly used with realli annoying guys named taz,or a noise mad when the act of clearing the throat takes place, or when silence needs to be broken.or when the blender breaks and u open your closet to get a towl but all u find is a big moldy sack of poo.
derrick:oh no!! my blender broke sally!!

sally:ill get a towel!!ehem, all there is is a big moldy sack of poo derrick
by penna and piss July 14, 2008
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Ehem (estrogen + mayhem) is a portmanteau word for expressing the needless or willful damage or violence by all women. Examples of ehem include feminism, alimony, abortion, and 19th amendment.

Ehem is incurable and only metastasizes over time.
1. How is work? It's total ehem.
2. How is traffic? It’s total ehem.
3. How was Karen’s birthday party? It was total ehem.
4. How is Karen’s driving. It is total ehem.
5. Why are the kids down the street screwed up? They’re being terrorized by ehem.
6. Ehem causes monster taxes.
7. Ehem causes wars.
8. Ehem causes divorces.
9. Mother Nature is total ehem running amok.
10. Why is my girlfriend insane? It’s called ehem.
by Dictionar-E April 24, 2023
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The state of chaos caused by the gross incompetence of women who think they are otherwise qualified to make difficult and complex decisions; an environment in which subordinate men must operate under arrogant and incompetent women.
This meeting is nothing but ehem, and we're going to fail while getting the blame, said the man.
by CodeToad April 25, 2023
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