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swoggle - mix of suck, swallow and gargle. used to represent violent dick sucking, while slobbering all over ones self, and the person being sucked off.

came into existence in UK, 2006, when my mate tried to say "'Person' swallows dick!" but choked on beer, which came back up onto himself, and produced 'swoggle'

is often used by me and mates at work, to take the piss. visual aids are used with it, most common being the action Boss Nas uses in StarWars Ep1, where he shakes his head voilently at Jar Jar Binks and his fat double chin produces waves of fat to move with his mouth
God, Anthony is a cocksmoker, i bet he swoggles chris all night long

How about a swoggle?
You got swoggled last nite didnt ya?
by PoTTer_Uk July 25, 2006
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Similiar to beer goggles, it is the effect of being around the atrociously ugly people at Swarthmore College. All of a sudden mediocre to ugly people begin to look fuckable.
Are you kidding? That girl is fucking hideous. Take your fucking swoggles off, dipshit.
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v. When you are getting blown and the man/woman gargles and gags on your cock.
Aw man, I had to give mouth to mouth after she swoggled my cock
by fatanusripples February 09, 2010
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Similar to goggles and t bagging, except the balls placed on the eyes happen to be sweaty. Sweaty goggles= swoggles.

It is also a great party game. The symbol for goggles/swoggles is tapping an upside down peace sign over your eyes- last one to pop their swoggles on has to drink!
Man it's hot out here...get ready for swoggles!
by RandomChaos March 04, 2009
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