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to snort cocaine or ingest another substance but snorting/licking it off of a man's erect penis (also called "walking the frank" since frank is colloquial for penis and can at the same time be a man's name)
Jaznisha was dared to walk the plank, and after, Frank was equally satisfied and laughed at her powdery white mustache.
by PirateCaptainMorgan August 06, 2011
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To pull out into a busy intersection when making a left turn at a light so the people behind you have a chance to turn on yellow too.
“We would make that light if that guy would just walk the plank for us.”
by Steve Capstick June 27, 2006
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In the game of beer pong when you throw the ball at the opponent's cup and the ball lands in the cup, but the cup tips over and spills off the table. The team's whose cup spilt has to drink two of the remaining cups on the table. However, you can't win on a Walk the Plank.

Bob: You two have to drink two of those cups.

Sam: No, you know you can't win on a Walk the Plank, I only need to drink one.
by pjizzletv July 19, 2011
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when double-teaming a lady (a classy one at that), using a plank helps to minimize touching of balls between the male participants. because of course, we all know that balls touching would be the wierd part of a situation like that.
jesse: man, i would really like to make her walk the plank after the hockey game tonight
by doogie82 March 24, 2006
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What I had my boss Rich do 2 years ago.
Richey; Please, no don't make me walk the plank.

Saints; Yes, you have to it's time to pay the penalty.

"still whimpering"

Saints; stop your whimpering, and start walking now.

Saints got mad and threw him off the plank into Lake Michigan.

Saints says to herself "homey sure do know how to swim."
by Saints January 17, 2004
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