The word that is yelled when 2 guys are double-teaming a girl and they decide to change places.
When Jason and Joey got bored with Connie, they gave each other a hive five and yelled "Switch!"
by Mike Payne March 06, 2008
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someone who is neither both dominant and submissive in a bdsm relationship
'do you like to spank/tie peopel or do yuo like it doen to you?'

'both im switch
by hb April 04, 2003
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To perform an act in an opposite manner to that in which you would normally perform it.
Originally used in skate and snowboarding parlance, but now adopted into wider slang usage.

Can also refer to partaking in anal sex with a female.
Orig. - Man, that was sick when you landed that 540 and rode it switch!
Now - I normally sit on the left side of the couch, but I thought I'd go switch,
Vulg. - Debbie was on her rag so I rode her switch instead.
by wacky_d January 13, 2006
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a good counter-forces player that is fat, but has a secksay voice :o~
SwitcH: My girlfriend keeps calling me. ):
RAGE: Tell her to stfu, we need to practice.
SwitcH: I can't!
RAGE: Does she put out? :o
SwitcH: Sometimes.
by Yammins October 24, 2007
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A game played either alone or with friends. It involves the usage of both thumbs: one thumb is inserted into the anus while simultaneously inserting the other thumb into the mouth. On the count of ten, SWITCH!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo foo', the other day, this broad asked me to play switch with her. That was the kinkiest shit I ever done!
by MFDK May 07, 2004
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a cigarette lighter. i don't know how "urban" this dictionary can be since i'm the first to submit this.
by buey okyan September 19, 2006
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There's this game my father taught me years ago it's called switch, the premise of the game is you take one finger, put it in your mouth, the other goes up your asshole and when he says go you switch
Yo, me and papa played a good game of switch
by Mob Bgrann August 25, 2017
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