Drinking straight out of a bottle of alcohol like vodka or tequila instead of pouring it into a cup or mixing it with juice.
Hey man, pass me that vodka so I can do some swishers!
by the_drunk_girl February 12, 2012
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A fart that travels up passed the balls.
I let quite a swisher as I sat among the other baseball fans.
by peruvianrock July 30, 2008
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As first defined by Rush Limbaugh, a term used to describe a homosexual; frequently used by hipsters.
Brad: "Oh man, when you stuck it in my ass it totally hurt."
Mike: "Don't be a fuckin' swisher or I'll pump you even harder next time."
by Darrdon Nasawecter June 11, 2006
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cool flilthy awesome sweet stylish trendy hip with-it groovy nifty tight dope
A word originating in Shoreline, WA meaning cool or awesome. It is a very easy and fun word to use.
Eroc: "Did you hit up that party on The Ave??"
Geenuhh: "Jea dog, it was swisher!"
by hanseroc September 2, 2006
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A type of Stall-Walker. One who briskly swishes water over their hands without using soap after taking a leak or a dump.
Gabe: Answer me this Alfred, did you make mud pies when you were a kid?
Alfred: Sure did Gabe, how did you know?
Gabe: Well, when you swished instead of using soap after you came out of the toilet you pretty much just made a doo-doo cake in your hands. (pause) With pee extract.

Red: Yo chief, can me and Hank get some of your potato chips?
Slim: Didn’t ya’ll just come out of the can?
Red: Yep
Slim: Did ya’ll wash your hands with soap?
Red: Nope
Slim: Ain’t neither one of you Swisher’s stickin’ your stink’n hands in my bag.

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When stripper goods out to the back room for some"private" attention . Gets her self filled up with man jizz!!
She proceeds to go back out and dance full of man jizz
Oh yuck look at the jizz comin out if that swisher.

420 family call me a swisher
by Al ZéCruddy August 25, 2021
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To be so drunk all your word just swish together into one word.
Listen to this nigga try and talk he's swishered
by Johnyjohnington July 13, 2014
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