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a young teenage girl
who was once student of the month has blond hair any many noticible freckles.
woahh did you see swishers new freckle dud she even named it!
by lindsey schwartz March 26, 2008
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smokin kush out of a swisher blunt and gettin so high you can see your grandmas house

Also a dope ass Kid Ink song
by DmackSwagin January 10, 2012
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Take a hit of marijuana , hold it in, take a hit of a Swisher or a Black, hold and exhale.
Yo mane!! I just did the Stoned Swisher. I can't feel my legs and your dog said he loved me!!!
by TheRealByronic August 4, 2010
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Cheap cigars that most people use to roll blunts with. Very easy to split and dump out the tobacco to replace with weed. Popular among rappers.
Lets cop a swisher and flip a blunt

im out my mind,just blew a thousand swisher sweets
in my black and orange charger,call it trick or treat - young jeezy
by Antron420 July 28, 2010
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the insertion of someone's testicles into another person's mouth, who then "swishes" them around with their tongue (usually in a circular motion).
The slumber party was a success only after the "drunken" teenager gave everyone a sweaty swisher in their sleep.
by HJMaster69 December 4, 2008
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A damn good cigar. The smoke has a mild sweet flavor to it.
Pass me one of them swisher sweets
by PaulWall July 26, 2003
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a box of swisher sweets; usually four to six cigars to roll a marijuana blunt.
smoked a million Swisher Blunt's and I ain't never coming down.
by barbhelkey October 25, 2011
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