A very caring and beautiful person. The type of person to make you laugh and the best to hangout with.
Jea let’s hangout with Lorraine and Ate pat! We love you
by ate khim October 2, 2021
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1. An affirmative reply to.
2. An exlamation of ultimate superiority.
3. A greeting.
1. JEA!! I gotta cop me sum tims, ya na'm sayin'?
2. Yo mama's my bizatch, JEA~!
3. Jea, you lookin' mighty good mamacita.
by YUM November 29, 2003
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Jea; a person who is really understanding. Someone you could talk to about anything and will always be there for you. She is such an amazing and loving person, someone who would be precious to have as your best friend. Jea also gives the best hugs in the entire world. Also has a remarkably good smell as well.
Guy 1: Having Jea as my friend would be amazing !
Guy 2: Sorry man, she's mine.
by theamazingbestfriend October 30, 2011
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Definition: variation of the word "yea" used by people who think they are black.
Jea nigga.

Did you hit that fly ass bitch?
Hell jea nigga fo sho.
by Kevin "Jea" D November 5, 2004
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Jea is the term for a fake cleaning company made for a marketing assignment
"What are you doing for your marketing project?"
"I'm doing a Jea."
by lauradernapologist February 25, 2022
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a a beautiful,amzaing, ect. girl who will love you, and will always be there for you no matter what happens.
by ilubher December 10, 2010
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origin: southern buffalo a slang term for saying yeah.
person 1: u gonna ride 2nite?
Person2: jea!
by $PAZZ April 1, 2003
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