When the temperature outside causes your balls to sweat, this also applies to female "balls".
"I cant come outside and play", said Jessie, "I'll be sweating balls!"
by Kerry L. August 5, 2005
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When its so hot outside the sweat droplets on your head are as big as balls.
by Aaronnyc89 April 11, 2007
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A shady character or someone who has just comitted a stupid act or to have jesteror clown like behavior with no laughs. If person is overweight they are considered a sweat hog.
brittney is such a sweat ball
by Nitchoff what! October 30, 2007
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If somebody desires physical interaction of a sexual nature with you, they are sweating your balls.
"See that chick over there? She's totally sweating my balls"
by Alistair_123 October 6, 2005
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Peculiar moistness on the underside of his sack
I left my boyfriends house and noticed that my chin was damp from his ballsweat.
by Princess Julie March 4, 2004
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The sweat produced by your scrotum that posesses its own unique and tangy scent.
"Dude, I jerked off in the sauna, and now my hands are covered in ball-sweat!"
by Allah February 3, 2005
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the sweat from a male's genitals that usually ends up on various parts of a female during different sexual activites
We were going at it all night and my balls sweat just dripped all over her.
by Sarsur January 4, 2006
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