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FBI code word for ghosts and/or UFOs
nothing to worry about here, just some swamp gas caused a flare in the atmosphere...
by somethingplex1 December 26, 2011
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a particularly nasty smelling fart that lingers in the room for several minutes after being emitted from the anus; flatulence
Evonna has some major swamp gas today! She farted over five minutes ago and I can still smell it!
by Krazy K December 21, 2002
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Methane like odor that lingers in the air after a coworker rips a nasty fart.
Claude filled the office with swamp gas today. It was horrible.
by DamnCorkins April 17, 2015
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The stinky, uncomfortable farts and shits sometimes suffered after a long night of drinking lots of beer.
Man, I had so much nasty ice last night. I have a stanky case of the swamp gas!
by Leoton September 11, 2010
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To be an unfair dictator; abuse of power.
What the hell? That guy just banned me from his forum over misspelling a word wrong! What a swampgas!

My boss is a real swampgas: he'll call you a bitch, and if you question it, he'll fire you!
by Juggaleaux July 02, 2004
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