The stuff that comes out of your ass when you fart
Holy Shit you must of had a gallon of methane come out of your ass just now.

That fucking reeks you fucking piece of shit
by WhatTheFuck March 27, 2005
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The ship name for Megan and Ethan, if both are into science then pronounce it like methane, let all your friends know of this ship and now in chemistry whenever methane is mentioned all eyes will be on this cute couple!
Teacher: bla bla bla Methane!

Literally everyone :*stares at megan and ethan*
-(except jessica bc she's a cunt)
by LordDoggo January 10, 2019
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When someone was born farting, they are methanic.
"What is that smell?!" asked Sofia. "I'm sorry! I cannot help constantly farting! I am methanic you know!" Sarah insisted.
by SFS2000 February 6, 2011
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Being in a relationship but not doing anything. Just having a relationship for the sake of a relationship.
by Danksbum April 5, 2017
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A gym slang for an anabolic steroid
Hey! See that guy? Seems he has been on a methan for a while...
by zalpr November 28, 2008
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An extremely stinky bathroom- one that smells like an overflowing septic tank is right underneath it. Meth labs generally have several stalls, each of which is equally noxious.
I'll be right back I have to go make a deposit in the methane lab.
The meth lab in the videotpae department where I work smells like its overflowing with 60 years of shit.
by Scott KABC December 15, 2006
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