When after sitting on something for a long time while working up a sweat or working up a sweat in general your ass sweats to a rediculous amount to the point where your underwear/boxers stick to your ass. Often accompanied by a funny walk.
After playing handball in gym nate had very bad swamp ass.
Logan: nate why are your pants still down hurry up we can't be late to class
Anthony: I recon he has dat dar swamp ass
Nate: airing my ass out, feels good man
Logan: yup I got it too. Sucks
by CTU_FieldAgent200 December 08, 2009
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ben's swamp ass was so bad, he had to change his boxers 4 times in a single day. We replied, "holy shit, that's some swamp ass."
by dick head September 18, 2004
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On a hot summer day or after physical activity when the massive amount of perspiration in your post-rectal region causes great discomfort. Often leads to moist underwear and a terrible odor.
I flew to Florid and got mad swamp ass as soon as I got off the plane.
by fantomelt February 23, 2009
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The occurrence of taking a hot dump precisely after a shower. The bathroom is hot and humid thus creating a wet and sloppy experience. Common side effect includes sweating profusely

A post shower is typical

Swamp as may be experienced while going commando on a hot day, playing basketball, sitting in a sauna, swimming, or tanning
Man I have swamp ass!
Dude don't take a hot steaming dump after a shower!

I though I would cool down by going commando today, but it gave me a bad case of swamp ass.
by mlk34 April 01, 2010
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excessive buildup of moisture around your "junk"
I was sitting in the library when I got the worst case of swamp ass.
by Pitt Rules Bitch February 09, 2003
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When your ass gets so sweaty that you feel that it will soon harbor swamp vegetation. Will cause unpleasantness.
"Shit dude, I have a bad case of SwampAss." :(
by TheIDKman December 02, 2010
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The apperance of sweat around your ass region.
Steve had a bad case of swamp ass after playing football. If you search for swamp ass, under the image section of yahoo, there will be steves picture identifying who has swamp ass.
by Swamp ass Steve October 23, 2004
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