Swamp ass can occur during periods of intense physical activity. It is a condition where your ass becomes sweaty giving you the feeling that your ass is actually in a swamp. If not treated swamp ass can lead to a more serious condition called duck butter.
Man what a good workout, it gave me a mean case of swamp ass.
by HippoNipple June 12, 2008
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1. The warm, moist feeling of one's ass from sitting for an extended period of time.

Swamp ass, in association with lengthy road trips, is usually accompanied by the smell of stale french fries that fell into your crotch that you failed to notice.
joe: let's go to the bar and pick up chicks

jimmy: ok, but lets take your car, mine smells like total swamp ass.
by G-busey September 1, 2009
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Uncomfortable pain with wet and sweaty ass literally like a swamp The only solution is Gold bond ultimate mes essentials body powder refresh 360 Other prevention measures showering and hairdryer before it kicks in full use the powder if you have Louisiana swamp ass you’re fucked The best solution is to sit on the couch and crack a cold one
I did a workout in then I got mad swamp ass
by How to fix shit June 3, 2018
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When your ass becomes so sweaty that a puddle forms in your pants and your ass becomes a swamp
I've got a serious case of swamp ass from sitting in that chair for too long
by King Swampy January 19, 2018
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When your ass is sweating to the degree it feels like your sitting in a swamp. Usually the inside of your butt cheeks are wet and or slimy
You may experience swamp ass after sitting down for an extensive period of time
by Master Baterr April 20, 2010
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It’s literally just a sweaty ass. Or when you shit yourself and it’s mushy in there. Pretty gross bro
They smell like swamp ass

I feel like I have swamp ass
by chichimon March 13, 2019
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A condition where your butt cheeks/crack feel sweaty, usually after physical activity. The name comes from the fact that, like a swamp, your butt is moist and wet in this situation.
I get a gnarly case of swamp ass whenever I do my daily walk around the park, but drinking a lot of water and chilling out fixes it.
by ProBeb May 9, 2019
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