This means the swag is off the hook and that you are just looking Beyond Awesome
Bitch don’t hate on my Saiyan Swagger
by Dr.T_fame February 18, 2019
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Outlaw by day.....Swagger by night !
Everybody has a little Outlaw in them, some just have more than others.

Outlaw by day....Swagger by night ! ( while all them other fools were at the bar shootin' pool ....he was in the corner shootin' tequila with a Hottie !....that man had Outlaw Swagger for sure ! )
by steveoutlaw March 27, 2018
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1. (n.) the visually unpleasant wavelike movement created by the upper lip of a person (who can be considered homeless), while speaking, who is toothless in their front upper teeth.

2. (n.) the condition where a person is speaking in comprehensible language while lacking any semblance of coherence in statement.

Note of Particular Importance:
To any of those possibly afflicted by the effects of witnessing any instance of lip swagger, it is conceived to be beneficial to the possibly afflicted to simultaneously attempt motions with one's head of nodding in agreement, casting aloofly, and empathizing negatively, while moving the body in a waltzing pattern, and while mimicing the expression of the associated emotions.
Damnit, man, put some dentures in! You have some serious lip swagger happening right now.

Ken: So what do you think about that?

Jackson: The thought when you happen that has the creation of many justifications which can be populated by our manifested experience of the viability in the present moment is a conundrum of cacophonies in your psychological arena.

Ken: What?!?! That doesn't mean anything! You're just saying words! That's pure lip swagger!
by ssppuunn February 13, 2009
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