Something stupid a person says to indicate a great level or quantity of swag. Should not be considered the same as 'too much swag'.
Person 1: Hey bro, you like my new outfit?

Person 2:Much swag!
Person 1: You're such an idiot. But also thanks.
Person 2: Yolo swag!
by Yar Navonod February 28, 2014
Somebody named Corey and had nice blonde hair with Osiris shoes. Usually lives in the Northern Hemisphere of the U.S.
by Jimmy Goody February 3, 2012
having so much swagg your the king of swag
Pauly D from the Jersey Shore: "If you look up 'too much swag' in the dictionary, you'll see a big picture of my face."
by Anonymuslolololol February 5, 2012
Pauly D from Jersey Shore. "If you look up "too much swag" in the dictionary, there'll be a great, big picture of my face"
by Kisses to my Bitches February 13, 2012
The definition of too much swag is DJ Pauly D
If you look up "Too much swag" in the dictionary there's a great big picture of my face
-Pauly D
by JSHORE BITCHESSS February 12, 2012
literal Pauly-D
Pauly has too much swag
by 1ust April 26, 2022