Someone who talks the talk of being a hard man or gangster but in fact is not.
Ah that guy is nothing to worry about, he's a f**kin cardboard cutout.
by govanmauler May 14, 2008
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Someone who is seen as generic and one dimensional, with little depth or individuality to their character. Typically someone who strives to 'fit in' to be as popular as possible, often not being their true self. Can also simply mean someone who is seen as being a stereotypical character in any kind of way.
"My friend only watches Reality TV and makes fun of anything that isn't the current fashion........he's a real cardboard cutout c**t"
by Not my name #39563935 January 7, 2022
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a very boring or quiet person who never says much or contributes to anything.

damn! being with that girl is like being stuck with a cardboard cutout!!
by jonnoo February 1, 2008
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A boring person with nothing about them. Say's nothing & contributes nothing.
by The Bomb 2020 August 27, 2020
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When your noodle gets stuck inside your zipper and you have to cut it out the shape of your wanker
"Man last weak i had to do my third cardboard cutout i hate zippers"
"i feel you"
by ndndnsd May 31, 2015
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