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Am hope obssesed piece of trash who doesn't know the difference between hope and despair. He also considers himself trash and unworthy of being surrounded by ultimates. He also likes hope bagels. However he will do anything to give his friends hope even if he his hated for his way of thinking.
Hajime: Nagito Komaeda I hate that piece of trash.
Nagito: I know you love me hajime~
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by The real Nagito July 26, 2017
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A character in danganronpa 2 who seems perfect when you first meet him but during the first trial he turns crazy and tries to ruin everything...even in a lot of the trials he keeps on saying 'I could've helped''You should've asked me to help''I wouldn't mind being killed by the ultimates' and it either makes people love him or hate him....I personally hate him but everyone has their own opinions.... He is also hope obsessed and likes hope bagels. He is also famous because of an mmd video based on the song 'what the hell' by Avril Lavigne
(He is also trash as he does call himself that multiple times)
Nagito Komaeda is my least favorite/favorite character
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by AnimeFever24 August 25, 2017
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