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A boy who is a player and is only in a relationship for sex
Don't date him he's a fuck boy
by Joshuaperry64 April 11, 2016
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to sport a boner, fly the sail at full mass, rock hard, etc.
"I had a lot of cartoon characters that used to get me sexually aroused as a kid... The female reindeer from the Rudolph claymation series, when I was in preschool, I used to be bricked up watching that shit." -Jack Harlow
by real_philly February 11, 2020
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A boy who plays with girls feelings and doesn't really like them and would do say anything a girl wants to hear to have sex with them or to get something they want. Fuckboys know what girls want to hear but they hurt so many girls. Once they are a fuckboy,they always will be a fuckboy. If you know a guy is a fuckboy, dont fall for him . Usually fuclboys are cute so yeah and you usually can tell if they are a fuckboy of how they dress and act. He is kinda like a player and hoe
Dude i found out he was a fuckboy so i left his ass.
by Know_itall June 08, 2015
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a fuck boy is someone who says “i’m bad at relationships” as if it’s nearly an absolute truth. a fuck boy is also someone who is just sooo emotional that he cannot deal with it:

“i can’t even.” “i just can’t.” “this is too much for me.”
he, the fuck boy, is fundamentally confused and is unsure of what he wants. however, he will seemingly sincerely play like he is more involved or enamored than he actually is in interest of getting romantic attention and scratching the romantic/sex itch. he is superficially intimate, as if acting from a script he knows all too well. fuck boy operates from a superficial level of consciousness and although he will seem like he is connected time will show you that he never was.
he does not care about the details of your day, your friends or family, the beautiful complexity of your essence. fuck boy is unable to truly respect and be present with any woman he is with. he has a hard time respecting women as whole human beings and furthermore he lacks self-awareness about this.
“fuckboy” continued: he thinks quite highly of himself and how he operates in the world but he continues to inevitably and regrettably lament, with remarkable futility, just how bad he is at relationships.

fuck boys are usually idealizing something or someone from the past — likely another woman that he undervalued or disrespected in a former relationship. and the fuck boy is just so emotional about it.
he will live in the past or idealize the future — but the fuck boy will never embrace the joy of what is in front of him. the complexity of the present is just too much to bare…
but that’s neither here nor there because the fuck boy basically does not like thinking about his feelings right now.
so, he’ll go on dreaming of a past that’s long gone or of a future that will never come. he will always disappoint. beware. fuck boys often seem special and endearing at first…until you find out that he’s a fucking fuck boy. and, by the time you find out you’ve already fallen for him and bought into a persona he effortlessly projects. you like that he didn’t come on too strong but came on strong enough. fuck boys are often superficially very enjoyable people so you have a sense that he’s great company. when his coldness and distance emerges you will feel shock and heartache. endure it. remember, you’ve been fooled. be grateful upon realizing the fuckery of the fuck boy because, my sister, you just dodged a bullet. run and don’t look back.
by heemerseemer August 31, 2018
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A boy, not a man.. who will mislead you into believing they are "different" than others. They will put in a lot of time and effort trying to convince people they are a good person, when in reality they are nothing but scum. They start off being very sweet and convincing you that your "special" but that soon will change when they get what they want. They blame everyone else for their life problems and try convincing people nothing has ever been their fault. They will be very manipulative and convincing but do not fall for it! They will lie to you about everything, they will cheat on you with more then likely multiple girls, they will blame you for it and In the end only break your heart and disappear and then repeat the cycle on another poor naive girl. Fuckboys are the lowest type of scum that walks this earth. They are incredibly fake.
That fuckboy lied to me and broke my heart again! I should've listened to everyone that warned me about him.
by Fuckboy expert February 11, 2017
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A fuckboy is a weakass dude who ain’t shit.
The guy who will go around calling women “thirsty hoes” but like 30 profile pictures in a row and comment “hot” because he thinks somehow it’ll get him laid.
The guy who calls girls sluts but goes around begging for nudes out of fucking nowhere.
The guy who sends unrequested dick pics with no context to women he’s barely spoken to.
The guy who regularly uses phrases like “bros before hoes”
The guy whose idea of flirting is “what would u do if i was there right now lol”
The guy who will call you a prude if you dont want to fuck anyone, but call you a slut if you want to fuck someone who isnt him.
The guy who will disrespect you and try and get with you in the same breath.
The guy who tries to text you even when he already has a girl
The guy who continues to hit on you even when you’ve said no
The kind of guy you have to lie about having a boyfriend to in order to get him to leave you alone.
The guy who will tell you “you’re not like the other girls” like that’s a compliment because he doesn’t have any respect for them.
The guy who will tell you “my exes were all crazy” even though you know them to be totally fine, kind, measured people.
A fuckboy is a guy who will tell you “guys don’t like it when you -” and try to shame you because of your weight, hair, style, makeup or anything else that you do in order to express yourself because in their tiny fuckboy minds you only exist to attract them.
"Dylan is a real fuckboy."

"Yeah I liked this guy but then he started pulling this fuckboy crap so I stopped texting him back"
by ksadjfaksdjf April 04, 2015
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The lowest form of a man hoe or player.

Will prey on women, especially naive, young or needy ones.

Is only thinking of his cock. He will do whatever it takes to keep you on his radar even when not dating. Always likes his exes to be on his 'friends list' & will often do them favours so that they still think he's a nice guy even though he actually fucked them over at the time, just likes he's about to do to you.

Has narcisstic and/or sociopathic traits & is very egotistical/cocky.

Knows he is a good fuck. He'll make love to you like he loves you. But, he doesn't love you.

If you stand up to him, he'll turn the argument into your fault or say you are 'crazy'.

Will always have an excuse as to why he isn't ready for a full relationship. He'll even say it's because you're not perfect yet.

The only longterm relationships he's had is with girls who will share him. He will have ground his ex's down over time or has paid for their absolute everything so they needed him.

Stay away from at all costs.

You will often think he has a nice side Underneath the surface & he could change. But, it's part of the manipulation. He is a shallow man, he only cares for himself despite what he says. Guaranteed he's sleeping with others, including prostitutes for his 'extra'. If you ever catch him getting extra, he'll tell you it's your fault & you didn't give him enough, despite you putting out more than most women would.

If you leave, do not stay friends and watch his reaction .
Please don't date him, he's a total fuck-boy. You can do better.

But he's so nice!

Yeah, only to get what he wants as it's convenient.

A year later....

I can't believe I've wasted all that time on him when I had plenty of decent offers! He didn't commit to me at all, he just fucked off when something more convenient came along. Now he's saying why can't we be friends and keeps bringing up all the nice things he did for me rubbing it in my face saying I am ungrateful! I don't understand what I've done.

No, it's not you, he's a fuck-boy. I told you so!
by Pu5sy May 05, 2017
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