what violas are full of.
the violas have the most swagger of any section.
by ted geisel August 28, 2010
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a girl that is country and loves to likes to listen to rap and r and b
she likes both like a swagger
by lucky charmes January 17, 2009
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A person who is not from the big band era that listens to new swing music, their favorite band is usually Brian Seltzer Orchestra. Can been seen wearing a cheep suit and a cheesy hat.

That swagger is so gay. He was dancing all night long at the Brian Seltzer Orchestra concert.
by The Way October 25, 2005
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the real definition of swagger may say it means to boast or to brag but to tell the truth swagger to me in my use is nothing but a character. being u in your own way. whether your a nerd or popular u can still have swagg. just like my nick name JSWAGGS people say im basically being arrogant well u can say what u want cause your words mean nothing to me i dont care swagg is just how a person is and thats me.
me saying "JSWAGGS in the building" , a hater saying "man u being arrogant" me saying "no im not i just think u have insecurities" its just swagger thats all
by JSWAGGS May 7, 2010
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A practice of how one lives his/her life on a daily basis. The knowledge, consciousness and understanding of the self and how one deals with others in each and every situation. It is how one presents him or herself to the world at large, and how that person styles and or handles a given situation. Someone that practices Swaggerism is a swaggerist. The Swaggerism movement is pioneered by Resk 'Que, a social entrepreneur, philanthropist and a philosophical maverick.
Swaggerism is the religion of success and understanding.
by BCDRhodes April 10, 2016
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No one is even close to having as much swagger as yourself
Im soooo swaggerous....
No one is as swaggerous
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