When someone is told to swab the deck, they are being told to either eat a dick or clean a dick, depending on the context.
Pirate: Arrr!! Fundo. Swab the deck!!
Fundo: No way!! I ain't touching your smegma!!
Pirate: Arrrr!! Then, swab the deck, Fundo!!
by authOOr June 29, 2006
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the act of pooping on your partners chest and rubbing it in with your butt cheeks during sexual intercourse.
i met this girl at a party once . i thought i was kinky. she requested that i donkey punch her and i was down for it but before i donkey punched her she wanted me to start swabbing the deck
by D nasty July 24, 2006
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When an intense shit becomes either/or too messy or too burny and one is forced to dunk a was of toilet paper in the toilet bowl before wiping. (after a flush of course)
by jjv3b7 February 4, 2010
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When you are having a threesome and one of the girls (or guys) is cleaning your ears with q-tips really fast. Its orgasmic!
"Last night I was doing this one chick while the other was swabbing the deck."
by Darlaohgeez February 23, 2007
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when you stick your peepee in her bum bum.
i was swabbing the poop deck if you know what i’m saying.
by bighammy March 1, 2019
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