Used by a pirate to show excitement or happiness. Also used occasionally as 'yes,' instead of Aye.
Arrrr! We be lucky pirates, maties! We've found some burried gold!
by kittens Σ:3 July 7, 2014
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Used when someone is being stupid, lame, weird, conceited or a smartass.
Jimmy: Yeah baby, that's how I stay single. ;
Jackie: arrrr.

Joseph: 2+2=4!
Nancy: arrrr.

Fadi: You want me, admit it. I'm so hot.
Maya: arrrr.
by Danah and Nour. June 5, 2006
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A drug involving cynicism and pirates.
Arrrr!-cynic, while potentially lethal, makes for some fun times.
by Haragorn August 28, 2010
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An expression you can use when you're either happy or excited. This expression is usually used at your highest moment of excitement or happiness. Also used a lot when complimented by someone especially someone special.
Someone: "You look really good"
Me: "Arrrr *simultaneously scrunch nose*"
by lokloka December 15, 2018
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