when something sucks for someone else but you dont care enough to say many words.
bob: i drove my car into a tree
joe: sux dude
by Andrew Glaser May 27, 2005
Opposite of teh sex. Something is the worst, least appealing, the lowest. Usually the thing being described is disappointing to the user of the phrase.
'This is teh sux'
'You're telling me'

by SkrewyRebirth March 22, 2006
as much as I dislike M$ and the x-box, this made up name is uber-retarded. It's now obvious to everyone that sony roolz is gay.
by SPORK October 29, 2003
Another way of referring to the suckiest theme park company ever.
Man that Six Flags company sucks cause they got rid of Astroworld. Let's call it Sux Flags.
by Sux Flags December 25, 2005
Ce dit d'un criss de cour platte donné par un professeur endormant sur de la matiere pas utile.
Cegep FXG , 28 aout 2003 9h am
by yaya August 28, 2003
A funny, and often misunderstood Livejournal community dedicated to bashing Rachael Ray.
Dude, go to the Rachael Ray Sux board. It's so funny!
by hp12345 July 30, 2007