Used to describe anything that is very, very good.
My parents gave me a new Ferrari 575M Maranello for my birthday. It's teh sex.
by Evil Timmy January 4, 2004
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Anyone/thing, that is extremely hot, and or makes your lower regions tingle.

Wow! Your new Atreyu hoodie is teh sex!
by Arynn February 28, 2004
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From "The Sex", describing someone who is extremely attractive or has a lot of sex appeal.
"OMG! <Insert actor here> is teh sex!"
by Cat of Hearts July 23, 2005
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A term that the "scene kids" (or idiots) use all the time because they are sooo cool. They purposely write "the" wrong for no reason and use sex instead of sexy.

Can't you just die?
Scene girl- Like omfg Tiff Tiff that guy from MCR is teh sex.
Other scene girl- Like totally yeah, we have the same tight jeans! Rad dude cool, that's helluh hawt!
by Migmags January 12, 2006
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Any variety of products made by the company Puma.
Renee got some Pumas, and they are teh sex
by Jarrod January 7, 2004
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Chelsea because shes beutifulllll
Jake: What about chelsea?
Joeh: Chelsea is teh sex!
by Joehhh January 8, 2007
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A phrase the mentally retarded use to describe something they like a lot.
Random Emo Dumbass: "My god, your new black glasses are teh sex."
Me: *kicks Emo Dumbass's ass*
by Tobey March 20, 2004
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