An album by Travis Scott that is FINALLY FUCKING DROPPING ON AUGUST 3RD, 2018 GOD DAMNIT!
Astroworld my planet, my home.
by sadlr July 30, 2018
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A album often reffered to by rapper Travis Scott which gets its name from the Latin word “astroworld” which translates to something that will never drop
“Hey have you heard the new Travis Scott album?”
“No that things a gosh darn astroworld
by Paddy Jackson July 24, 2018
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An album by Travi$ $cott that will literally never drop. It’s a myth, a legend, folklore, a sea man’s tale perhaps.
The lead single of Astroworld dropped two months ago and there hasn’t been any follow-up yet. This is getting ridiculous.”
by TreadmarkMcSkids July 4, 2018
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The best theme park to go to if you want to fall out of a roller coaster.
Chris: "How did your baby brother die?"
Gary: "We went to Astroworld."
Chris: "Oh...I'm sorry to hear that."
by Robin McG June 3, 2004
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A terrible place to be. Somewhere that you should never go. And if you did, I'm sorry. Also *cough cough* Travis Scott is not worth the money. Or any money.
×"Did you hear about astroworld?"
-"No, what is that?"
×"Aw man, I heard 8 people died..."
-"Oh, that's good I didn't go to astroworld. That sounds like a terrible place to be"
×"Yeah there were unconscious people and corpses everywhere and Travis patty didn't stop for it"
by my mom's ipod nano November 7, 2021
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A satanic ritual held by Travis Scott, who can stop a concert for his shoe, but not for people being suffocated and dropping dead.
1: Did you go to Astroworld?
2: Yes, that shit was crazy! There were people dropping dead everywhere; Travis Scott was harvesting their souls and the crowd’s energy.
1: Boycott Travis Scott 2021!!!!
by Fuck Travis Scott November 14, 2021
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Astroworld is a ritual for Satan, something like what the Mass of the Angels is for the Most Blessed Trinity
"While the Christians went to hear the Mass of the Angels, the Satanists went to attend the Astroworld ritual"
by Student of Theology November 7, 2021
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