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An album by Travis Scott that is FINALLY FUCKING DROPPING ON AUGUST 3RD, 2018 GOD DAMNIT!
Astroworld my planet, my home.
by sadlr July 30, 2018
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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A album often reffered to by rapper Travis Scott which gets its name from the Latin word β€œastroworld” which translates to something that will never drop
β€œHey have you heard the new Travis Scott album?”
β€œNo that things a gosh darn astroworld
by Paddy Jackson July 24, 2018
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the cure to all of the world's problems that is finally dropping.
dude i thought you died from cancer like last week
nah travis dropped Astroworld and im alive now
by astroworld July 30, 2018
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An album by Travi$ $cott that will literally never drop. It’s a myth, a legend, folklore, a sea man’s tale perhaps.
β€œThe lead single of Astroworld dropped two months ago and there hasn’t been any follow-up yet. This is getting ridiculous.”
by TreadmarkMcSkids July 04, 2018
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The best theme park to go to if you want to fall out of a roller coaster.
Chris: "How did your baby brother die?"
Gary: "We went to Astroworld."
Chris: "Oh...I'm sorry to hear that."
by Robin McG June 03, 2004
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A theme park in which after so many years of frequent visitors, the rides malfunction occasionally and it reeks of BO. Don't get on Diablo Falls. It is a letdown and it smells of rancid armpit.
Guy1: Dude, Diablo Falls sucked ass...
Guy2: Sucked ass? More like smelled like it.
by Chino September 11, 2004
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