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A phrase used when someone or something is embarassing or of ownage classification; also a subsitution for saying 'owned!'.
Usually said out loud in a crowd or group blantantly declaring the ownage or embarassment. Derived from the blood call 'suu woop'
Spen "You hear that she had sex in room 435?"
Ryan "Suu!"

-"we got third place in ohio"
by Ryan Basilio June 04, 2006
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An adjective that can describe anything and everything, all depending on how the word is said.
"Damn, that girl is suus" Said in a disgusted tone if the 300lb girl is wearing a tank top

"Whoa, Suus!" Said in an amazed tone if your team comes back in the bottom of the 9th
by bluedevl90 June 04, 2007
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;A sound effect made with any movement that was deemed cool

Example: He threw a punch at me but i dodged it like "Suuuuuuuu"
by Kid Deception July 28, 2006
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An innuendous exclamation used after describing sexual experiences.
Michael Rosen: "There we were, sitting in our rows, behind our desks breeding very very quietly.- No noise at all. Suus"
by pugpgug June 20, 2011
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Southern Utah University. Also known as "BYU South (Brigham Young University)".

SUU is a school made up mostly of Mormon's too afraid to venture outside of Utah. It is a known fact that most Utahns stay in Utah because to move outside the bubble would be to much of a culture shock. As such, SUU is a backwards, conservative mormon school that tried to marry a man to a dog to protest "gay marraige"... oh I'm sorry, I mean to "support traditional marraige". Also, friday nights, the most happening scene is the Institute dance in the church gym! (institute is mormon seminary, located across the street. all utah schools are required to have a adjacent mormon seminary building).

They also fire professors for swearing (arbitrarily), require students to sign "no alcohol" waivers for school trips, and require prayer in school.

It's a great school to find nice pretty mormon girls who still have sex though, as long as you don't tell the

Hey, where's a good school to find jack-mormons and pretentious utah ingrates?

by Boston T. Party September 25, 2005
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