When you think someone is being sus in Among Us.
- I'm sussing yellow.
- I was doing wires!!!
by Bagesz September 23, 2020
Suss is a versatile word that everyone should have in their vocabulary. Suss can take on many forms; it works as an adjective, verb, and noun. And it also has multiple meanings: disgusting, filthy, nasty; but can also be seen in a good way sometimes if used correctly. Chiefly used in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, this word is rapidly spreading throughout the country, including college campuses in Tennessee. Suss for life.
"Dude, that kid Will Lowry is fucking suss!!"
"Man, you are fucking suss--take a fucking shower for the first time this week!"
"Tiger Woods is suss"
"Will Lowry's room smells SUSS!"
"That J Nautica Sweater Woods wears is mos def SUSS!"
"Hilley fisting that girl is SUSS!!!!"
by The Baumer AKA Badass December 17, 2004
Another word/phrase for someone ruining something.
Ben: it's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday
Wendell:(out of tune) Fun,Fun,Fun
Ben: suss . You just sussed it.
by Taylen Wish September 29, 2012
Someone who’s moving/acting gay
Guy 1: yo fam, did you see that nigga wearing pink and booty shorts?
Guy 2: yeah fam, that nigga is super suss
by 6ixGodz October 9, 2019
Used by skinheads - well dressed, "spiffy", good looking, sharp. Or used to describe someone as being dressed like a skinhead.
Hey, that guy at the end of the bar is wearing fred perry and docs is super sussed!

I wanna look sussed tonight!
by SkinheaMBTA October 22, 2003
Someone who is genuinely quite n doesn’t fit in
Tom is so suss, he is mr suss
by ZLA6 April 2, 2019
Suss used to ask a question ( what’s the craic) what’s happening or going on?
What’s the suss? Any suss?
by Katiexreillyx July 12, 2019