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A British sportswear and smart-casual fashion label established in 1953 taking the name of the famous tennis player fred perry and using an olive branch in a laurel as its logo. The brand has and still is popular with many british youth subcultures such as mods, skinheads, chavs, and indie kids.

As a Mod, I myself wear and like Fred Perry's classic items such as their polo shirts, knitwear and smart looking gear. However the label has been ruined in recent years by chavs and indie kids. Chavs tend to wear the cheaper or not-so-flattering/ugly fred perry items like tracksuits, tshirts with a big fucking logo across the chest etc. The indie kids just look a fucking state in anything.

In all Fred Perry is mostly a very high quality, potentially smart and sexy looking clothing range or it is tacky and ugly looking. Unlike other British brands such as Ben Sherman, Fred Perry is still not widely sold outside the UK, except usually on export or via the internet etc. In the UK Fred Perry is usually sold via third-party retailers, via the net or in the Fred Perry store.
1)Random Guy: "When will fred perry keep it real and take their stuff out of chavy JDSports"

2)Traditional Mod/Skinhead: "I dont wear any Fred Perry polos other than the M1200 slim-vintage fit"
by christhemod August 26, 2007
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