Short for 'suspect', and usually used when doing something against the rules or illegal. If you get sussed, you are suspected and subsequently caught/arrested.
1. I can't go home drunk, my mam will suss.

2. I was selling some E's to my mate, in school, but I got sussed by Mr. Blackwood.

3. Teacher: "Give me that cell phone, you shouldn't be using it in class!"

Guy 1: Dammit!!!

Guy 2: (to guy 1) Sussed!
by MichaelToTheJ March 21, 2007
a suss is a person that is extremely, ridiculously shady. queen of shade.
girl, don't go with that guy he's such a suss.
by dcrdz June 16, 2015
Short for suspect or suspicous. (Mostly used by semi-paranoid drug user's).
1. To describe a dickhead or someone unliked.
2. Acting suspicous in a situation when it is innapropriate. (Theft or While on Drugs)
3. To betray or 'dog' someone.
4. To be 'sussed'/'sussed out' or watched closely by police or anyone.
5. To closely monitor or know anything well.
1. "He's a suss-cunt.(Suspect)"
2. "Stop looking so suss.(Suspicous)"
3. "Yeah he 'sussed' me with that money he was supposed to pay me back."
4. "That cop is sussing us out"
"That cop had us 'sussed'/'sussed out'."
5. "I had the whole plan 'sussed'/'sussed out'.
by Diego June 23, 2003
the act of being retarded or simply stupid
bra.... don drop the blunt, thats suss as hell
bra... u suss as hell
jim jones (self explanatory)
by Chris_top09 January 23, 2008
it means "whack" or "corny"
50 cent is a "suss" rapper
by Jamaal August 6, 2004
The word that translates from road into the word gay
by ...1463... January 24, 2018
yo rodney why you touch that nigga ass, you hella suss bro
by knighted niBBA October 31, 2018