1. An Indian surname originating from the state of Maharashtra.

2. A compound word originating from Sanskrit; made of Surya meaning sun and Varya meaning warrior.
"Narayan Gangaram Surve was a famous Maharashtrian poet"
by elmaratha December 27, 2013
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Short for survey. A lot of girls type this in the subject line when posting a bulletin about a survey on Myspace. This is there way of being rebels and not typing out the whole word like they should.
Morgan - May 17, 2008 5:02 PM - "end of year surv please look! lol"
by Sagaxx May 17, 2008
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A person who has participated in a survey.

People that are employed are 'employees'. People that are interviewed are 'interviewees'. Seems only right that people who are surveyed are called 'survees'.
'Over 60% of survees under the age of 7 said they preferred to sleep with a night light.'

'She was a survee who gave false information.'

'The majority of survees indicated that they disliked the taste of marmite, though my guess is they didn't eat it the right way.'
by AriZWolverine March 12, 2016
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This is a unique name.He knows how to feed and nurture ur soul,all while wrapping u with love.He values beauty and sees Beauty in the smallest most mundane things.He would rather distance himself from everyone when angry becoz he don't want to vent his wrath on ppl.He can destroy u in a fit of rage but chooses not to.His cutest thing is how protective he is for his woman.
Surv is a gem of a person.The universe thank him for always motivating everyone's ass and being the optimistic, positive sunshine everyone needs in their life!!
by Radhe Krishna November 24, 2021
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