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A tall, tough and handsome guy with a golden heart and hell lots of charm in him. A very caring, loving and super deserving human being. Knows how to handle everything perfectly. Very intelligent. No less than perfection or maybe beyond perfection. Knows his priorities well. And never disappoints anyone intentionally.
He is no less than Narayan.
by Kiddo❤ February 7, 2015
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1. trill
2. someone who doesn't hesitate to break bread or throw they hood up
3. the most ballin'-est balla on da planet
"Did you see Hackman at da club last night?"
"Yea, he was totally Narayan"
by Bell Tower December 15, 2005
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Narayan Baba what is this?i m not a celebrity
by Vpr6969 November 24, 2021
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A Lord in Hinduism. God who operates the nature, Aradhya of Lord Shiva. He is one of the main lords(tridev) - Bhrama, Vishnu(Narayan), Mahesh(lord Shiva). If I had to write about him, I could write my whole life but- I've to study
Shree narayan is my only aradhya
by vishnu bhakt March 28, 2022
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This word originated in 2002. It is usually used to refer to a person who watches too much anime, that hampers his brain functioning. But he is still smart enough to be able to invent mind-boggling, brain-numbing alternate versions of tic-tac-toe, and gives it subtle names hinting at his prolific high school relationships (eg: sixaxo).
Example 1
Shauryam : So what are your aspirations?
Niranjan : I wanna become Udit Narayan.

Example 2
Naman : Who is the best person on earth?
Udit Narayan : Udit Narayan!
Naman : You fucker, retarded bastard. Such toxic people.
Naman has left the chat.
by rooted_by_unity July 20, 2021
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The Most Romantic Voice that Bollywood has even seen, and performing live in Amsterdam on 29th of January.
Me: I want to be a great singer.

Friend: Oh so you wanna be like Udit Narayan.
by Bollywood Lover November 24, 2021
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