14 definitions by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin

Also can be known as a 'jade' or other catlike creatures. People who have a catlike face and nature are often refered to as a 'Pretty Kitty'. Note: Being refered to as a 'Pretty Kitty' is usally a compliment not an insult.
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin October 09, 2005
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Rolled from highlander rolling papers found in Scottland. They make VERY long joints and the roach material which they come with comes with 'highlander tips' such as 'fed up, skin up' and 'he who hogs the joint gets the stonedist'.
You can recognise a highlander from a normal joint from its sheer length and thickness. Its like smoking a very long cigarette. That gets you amazingly stoned.
Dude: 'I've got only one joint left'
Dudette 1:'Aw well its better than nothing'
*dude takes out the joint"
Dudette 2:'OMG thats huge'
Dude: 'its a highlander'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin January 02, 2006
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A single person(or people) who are stuck in the same house/room with many loved up couples who cant stop getting off in your face. A goosberry will be left sitting awkwardly and feeling slightly worthless because of their singledom but goosberries are able to have fun without a partner and do not need to be constantly in a relationship to feel valued and have fun.
The dude/dudette who follows around couples is a goosberry.
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin January 10, 2006
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To be in the act of any form of sexual activity be it flirting or other such things foolish adolescents get up to. If someone were to express their willingness to be kanoodling with someone else they would usally be talking about the person in question CONSTANTLY. An example of this would be:
'OMG! TOMtomTOMtomTOMtomTOMtom'
'nye and izzy were kanoodling at charlottes'
'jade and tom are so gonna be kanoodling at chloes on saturday'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin October 30, 2005
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You have an arduous journey ahead of you. To be in the process of a long bop is almost unheard of being that it refers to such a strenuous journey. Primarily used by chavs and other people also of a crap nature who are too lazy to move.
'u wanna go down the road?'
'but its such a long bop'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin October 04, 2005
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Insult to describe a coward or fearful individual in french or just plain twat.
Dan (paranoid dude): 'methinks i need to run!'
Max (chilled dude): 'stop being paranoid you lash'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin January 10, 2006
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A type of marijuana which exceeds all others. Will be quite literally the finset joint you've ever had. Comes only as resin and can be recognised from the distinctive gold writing found upon it. Smells & tastes as good as it smokes.
'some good shit'
'india's finest man'
'i'm never smoking any street crap again'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin November 04, 2005
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