Me and other people who have the balance to continuosly ride waves. No, we don't say "Surf's up radical dude!" Thats bullshit you steryotypical bitches
Me and Surfchick are surfers. (You speak the truth Surfchick!!)
by Aleu April 26, 2003
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Someone who would never dream of saying

Surf's up!

Someone who may say:

Hey, how are you
Thats awesome!
I think there are some waves coming

We ride boards on waves. Simple as that. Anything outside of that is not directly linked to surfing. That means we do not necessarily say Radical, have long hair (dreadlocks or not), or smoke ganga.
I am a surfer.
by Buck November 28, 2003
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A surfer is someone that surfs for the pure enjoyment of the sport / lifestyle.. not to get into a "popular" clique at school or for any reason other than what I said.

A surfer IS:

- someone who surfs SOLELY because it is fun
- someone that doesn't care about their social image, if surfing affects it for better or for worse.
- someone who is honest about their ability.
- someone that always has plenty of aloha
- doesn't hang out with the other "surfers" - the other "surfers" are posers.
- anyone that can stand up on a board while riding a wave- even if it is just whitewash. it still is riding a wave.

A surfer is NOT:

- someone who always brags about how good they are, or always talks about it.
- someone who always wears the newest clothes from Quiksilver, Billabong, Volcom, etc..
- someone who calls beginner surfers "kooks".. or just uses the word kook.
- a stoner.
- a punk
- someone who always has "something to do" when you ask them to go surfing.

Me: Those surfer posers at that "cool kid" hang out look pathetic.
Friend: Yeah, all the true surfers don't hang there. They just be themselves and hang out with their true friends; like you.
Me: Mhmm.
Friend: All the good surfers hang out there with all the hot girls, why don't you hang out there.
Me: All the good and true surfers don't hang out there. Those surfers are posers; ones that surf or pretend to surf just to be "cool". They're losers.
Friend: OH.. never knew that.
by Trent from Hawai'i December 17, 2009
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1. a person who enjoys and engages in the act of surfing

2. a sterotype often seen in movies. Includes: wearing long shorts, an unbuttoned, sleeveless, colorful, flowered shirt of some kind, sunglasses, a tan, long bleached blonde hair, and saying things like "DUDE" and GNARLY" and "WHOA, CHECK THAT OUT DEWD" and other nonsensical, yet somewhat amusing expressions like that. Often stoned as well.
1. a man/women who surfs in Hawaii, or California, and to a lesser extent, Vietnam.

2. Michaelangelo from the Ninja Turtles & Jeff Spicoli of Ridgemont High,
by The Unsilent Majority July 09, 2003
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surfer is somone who jst likes to hang back with his buds sit out in the water and ride a few sets even if its only 2 ft wind swell..and who will wake up at 4 am jst to get that one hour before the tide goes up in alomst pitch black conditions.....jst laid back people that wann enjoy life and are completly obsessed with that drop in rush
east coast of florida locals who will go out in anything jst to have a good time...thats a surfer
by cubano22 November 27, 2007
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A surfer is, in general, somebody who surfs, to me, what brands (if any) they wear and how they dress is insignificant. All a surfer has to do to be a surfer is to surf and enjoy it for what it is, not caring about their image and having fun. Yes, I admit, I do wear brands like billabong, but you're just as likely to see me wearing a plain white T and other non branded clothes, image is not important. Yes there are a lot of posers, those who bodyboard and make out they can surf. I actually live several hundred miles away from my nearest decent surfing beach and try and go as regularly as possible, I am the first to admit I am not very good but I have fun learning new tricks and that's what counts, you don't need branded clothes and a stereotype for that. As far as speach and getting stoned goes, most surfers I have met talk normally, and getting stoned...well, that's a stupid idea and shows how little people know, as it would be very dangerous and a downright stupid thing to do!
stereotype: there is no stereotype for a surfer, if you are genuine, but i guess if not, it would go along the lines of....

long bleached hair, branded clothing, long boardshorts, tanned, vw camper van, talks like 'gnarly dude, check out those sick waves!' or something to that extent, flip flops and in general someone who wears clothes intended for surfing in the everyday world.
by EddCrook88 August 31, 2006
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What a Brummie sits on in his living room while he's watching tv
Ah fucken loov me big comfy surfer, me.
by el revez June 22, 2004
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