sure is a word described as certian, or positive
if somebody askes you if your hungry, and you are, say "sure" and if they ask is that a yes or a no, say "you fucking dumbass its means yes so dont fucking ever ask me what it means again.....bitch!!"
by andrew March 02, 2005
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To say yes sarcastically, which really means no.
Timmy: "Im 9 feet tall"
Jimmy: "Sure you are"
by EThug PLife October 29, 2008
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The nice way to say no. Usually said when not paying any attention to the person asking you the question, but not wanting to say no because you're afraid of hurting their feelings.
"Rob do you want to hang out with me and my girlfriend tonight?"

by Godlyzuchinni March 02, 2015
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