One so insecure in their status that they need to belittle the concerns of others, often manipulating social media to create the appearance of consensus on their superiority.
The supremacist manipulated Urban Dictionary to create definitions for words that could later be used in memes or other forms of right-wing propaganda.
by ButtMaker3000 May 10, 2021
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Someone who practices Red Supremacy.
The real threat to America today is posed by an ever growing Red Supremacist Movement.
by Prezmatic the Great March 3, 2021
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a person who believes that the upper class is inherently superior to other classes and that upper class people should have control over people of other classes
we've spent years monitoring and reporting on class supremacists and their beliefs. We're experts on the groups and ideologies ...
by Angry Hobo October 4, 2019
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someone who thinks he is superior to other people that are interested into fashion. he claims that he knows trends way before they become mainstream and people that don't know them are human trash and dont know anything about fashion.
I know this is going to become a trend because I am a fashion supremacist.
by asapelias March 8, 2021
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When someone prefers vanilla cupcakes over chocolate cupcakes, and vice-versa.
You don't like chocolate cupcakes? You're a cupcake supremacist!
by All Outta Angst December 6, 2015
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