'to feel like summer'
Jamie: Saw a bumblebee today
Adam: So?
Jamie: Means its gettin' summery
by 'The Master' April 1, 2008
Summery (adjective) is used to describe a noun or action that is in relation to summer, or holds and expresses feelings of happiness, nostalgia, peace, relaxation, eterna, ecstasy, redemption, patriotism, and any feeling or emotion that may make one feel good about them self and at peace with the world or snap out of a phase of depression.

Summery was a word once popular in more northern regions of north America when people of the territories of Canada dreamed of the happiness that warm weather might bring them. After its popularity had died out for a few decades it had started to again become a popular slang term in southern Canada only this time amongst children.

The term Summery (pertaining to 'Summer') is commonly used in the winter time when declaring ones dreams or hopes of the coming summer. It is also used when an event or happening takes place that reminds one of Summer or nostalgia, happiness, peace, etc. The word can be used in any season though, and does not have to have any meaning of the season Summer in its use. The use can simply be used to relate to feelings of gratitude, happiness and nostalgia.

Another term that is commonly used coherently with Summery is the term "Juicy". Juicy is often used to but not limited to describing items or actions that are summery.
Apples are very summery, they make me feel so good and bring on such memories and nostalgia.
by Kason Birdman April 25, 2011
Adj. used to describe an average summer
" How was your summer break," asked the teacher. " Summery!" Replied bob
by Catststattaysrst June 26, 2015