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Another name for hell as others call it. A place where Jesus can't find you and help. Your stuck there with crappy teachers who can't teach, there are some good teachers who do there job serious but entertaining to the students who are trying to break free from this hell hole. You're surrounded by assholes and act like they ride the short bus, but don't be fooled, there are a few people who are not complete assholes, that care about you and want you alive, which you call "friends". The cafeteria food is made from failed government experiments from Area 51 that is mind controlling your brain to fail in your classes.
Africa is more civilized than sunlake.
by A sunlake survivor March 12, 2017
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a horrible place, never go here. everyone’s fake, the guys are assholes to girls and the girls sometimes allow themselves to be treated like shit and act like bitches because their man can’t keep their dick to themselves! the teachers suck and don’t know anything about how to actually help kids and are more concerned on how much money their making, and the salads are the only good thing they have to offer. i’ve seen mold in the chicken sandwiches bitch.
You go to sunlake? Man that SUCKS for you!
by your mothers ex husband steve December 06, 2017
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