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Arielle means Lioness Of God.A beautiful girl who will always try to liven up peoples days. She will suffer from normal teenage skin problems for a few years, but turns out beautiful. She thinks she doesn't have many friends and that nobody has a crush on her, when really she has lots of friends and many people are crushing on her!

She is an amazing singer. She is very innocent and will do anything to make people happy, even if it is at her own expense. Her worst fear is making someone sad. She doesn't want to be part of the "popular group" but her personality attracts lots of friends to her. She is an amazing friend, as well as secret keeper.

She is an outgoing tomboy who will liven up your day!
Guy 1: Hey, did you see Arielle today?
Girl 1: Back off my friend!
Guy 2: Yeah, back off my girlfriend!
Guy 1: Dude, you're not dating her...
Guy 2: -.- I can dream...
by A. Nonymous Person February 03, 2013
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The name Arielle means Lioness of God. Loves life and adventure. Very intelligent but doesn't show off her smarts. Loves to protect the underdog. Very kind and giving selflessly. Can champion a cause if she believes it is good.

Arielle is very creative and knowledgeable of many issues. She is fun and has a wonderful sense of humor. Tough as nails if needed. Vulnerable and sweet at all other times. Wouldn't want to cross her if you did wrong. She is a ferocious defender of anything that means something to her. A very dedicated friend. A wonderful daughter.
Arielle will climb mountains and carry you on her back if there is a need. She will stand beside you in a fight and will never abandon you.

Arielle is extremely smart and intelligent. She may be so smart that she lacks some common sense because she is so far beyond common thinking. Does not show off her intelligence, just uses it wisely.

Arielle is fun, sexy and loves adventure. She is not a foo foo kind of girl. Very no nonsense about girly girl things but still feminine and beautiful.
by biotchk October 29, 2010
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an amazing girl who just makes you smile :o) shes gorgeous and doesnt like being shy even though its the cutest thing ever! she doesnt think that any guys like her but she is mistaken, i mean who wouldnt love arielle?
wow that girl arielle is pretty amazing
by maderoni November 07, 2005
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An Arielle is a girl who is the kindest person you have ever met. She is beautiful, smart, and generous. Even though she does not want the spotlight, it is hard to miss her when she walks in the room. Being around her will brighten your day till there is no way you can't smile when you see her.
King: "Arielle, will you go to the dance with me?"

Arielle: ...
by TheRealKingCole May 25, 2012
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The coolest chick alive, She is very pretty.
You WILL NEVER meet a girl like her.
She's the type that thinks no guy likes her, but in reality EVERY guy wants her.
She doesnt care what people think of her.
She is the hottest thing ever. Arielle is one of a kind.She is really nice. Every girl named Arielle is a keeper!
Guy 1: Damn Arielle is hella cute.
Guy 2: Yah I know, but she doesnt think any guys like her!
Guy 1: I want her!
Guy 2: Shit, me too.
by cool5 March 22, 2009
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Arielle means lioness of God. She is intelligent but in more of a common sense way than a school way. She is creative and loves to draw. She loves all sorts of nerdy things, and loves vintages. She has a completely unique fashion sense because she hates to go with the flow. Her friends are the weird ones, but she loves them because they make her life exciting. She is very outgoing and is willing to do anything. She can have a bit of a dark side but is always bubbly. She is quiet and shy at first but opens up once you get to know her. She is very independent and not afraid to walk to class alone. She is strong but sneaky sometimes. You can never tell whether or not she is lying.
Random person: I don't know about that Arielle, she doesn't talk much
Arielle's friend: wait till you get to know her, she'll never shut up about that Doctor Who
by reinadeestelugar September 28, 2014
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a flirty, beautiful girl who loves to meet new guys. she is a popular peson who loves making new friends and loves hanging out with her friends doing anything!!!
Damn, that arielle is just too cool!!
by Arielle February 27, 2005
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