v. To clean a piece of cookware by water only. Afterwards, drinking the water.
"To conserve water on the camping trip. The group sumped their dishes."
by TC October 12, 2004
A large bowel movement, especially following a night of heavy drinking.

From: "sweaty dump"
I'll see you later, time for a sump.
by black pasta September 18, 2010
Haley Chris, do you wanna go slam a Bud Lite at The Sump?
by Bobby8nyc January 4, 2020
A male OR female that is overly desperate for top-tier attention amongst an irrationally large group of other SIMP-like SUMP's all competing for the most individual attention. The men are usually just virgins that will accept a subtle @mention to accomplish a "1st half of the day" objective, while the women are nothing more than attention-seeking, online-exclusive, E-Girl runner-up, groupies. However, shall a female SUMP begin to seek SUMPY attention from a male SUMP, the male SUMP will tend to shapeshift into an "incel", sheltering themselves from the SUMPY attention they once sought out to acquire.
Construction workers are all disgusting SUMPS, who catcall to every woman they spot, spend hundreds of dollars at strip clubs, but the second a woman approaches them with equal response... they all of a sudden clam up and quiet down.
by WillEMakit January 14, 2022
An obscure combination of the word sex and dumpling. It is commonly used when an individual is doing unspeakable thinks to bread like products
Eli quit sumping with your roll. People are staring.
by conserned for bread July 5, 2011
The sump is a place in East Williston were you can only go if someone who goes there invites you. You hangout there and get drunk/high. Its a HUGE fenced up big hole in the ground with lots of trees.
I was at the sump last night with the gang and man did we had FUN.
by Ravenn May 31, 2007