when someone is a simp for someone to the MAX. a simp but better
by strangerrrrrlol February 10, 2021
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Person 1: Oh my God she is definitely sump

Person 2: I know right
by Melissa 101 September 14, 2020
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A person simping for Shrek. The only acceptable form of simping.

Definition: Person simping for Shrek. Says “welcome to my swamp” at least twice a week.
Person 1: Watcha got there?
Person 2: I made a real life swamp for Shrek, so that when he comes back to life, he will have a place to stay with me.

Person 1: Bro, you’re, like, one of the biggest sumps I know.

Person 2: I know. Welcome to my swamp.
by Vasen August 17, 2020
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One of Trumps many sycophantic white house staff, who get such a raging boner from his position of power they basically act like he can do no wrong and will defend his position at the cost of everything; behaving like a simp only much worse, hence the term Sump.
Mitch McConnell: "Dude it's been almost 5 minutes and no-ones licked Trumps asshole! Where the hell is Seb Gorka?"

Mike Pence: "Nah, he's gone bro! Trump fired him, he was way too much of a Sump!"
by GatorBoy96 August 09, 2020
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Girl: “My boyfriend is ignoring me.”

Friend: “Did y’all get in a argument or sump?”
by Janessaa April 09, 2020
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Sally the Sump: I just bought him a whole ass house and a car and we're not even dating!
Jebby the Pimp: Sis, you're a sump!
by athalon January 24, 2021
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Sump is a greeting like a hello or hi and even what's up.
Walking into work you come across an acquaintance from a different department

You: Sump
Responder: Sump
by warsmiss August 31, 2018
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