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English title: Magical Girl Lyical Nanoha

A magical girl anime about a normal elementary schoolgirl named Takamachi Nanoha who discovers a magical devise called Raising Heart and becomes a complete beamspamming badass.

It begins as a rather clinched Magical Girl anime until the introduction of Nanoha's rival/possible love interest, Fate Testarossa.

Nanoha threw out many Magical Girl conventions, using more shounen-style elements than shoujo, such as power battles and fast-paced storytelling. There are two sequels, A's being the better received compared to StrikerS.
Anonymous A: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is a great anime, but I wasn't impressed with StrikerS
Anonymous B: Yeah, A's was definitely the best of the series. If only they did without the Final Fantasy Final Boss at the end.
by Wererat42 August 29, 2008
The video game equivalent of ASOIAF. Each game has 108 recruitable characters, an engrossing plot that typically involves something more than the usual saving of the world.

Unlike Final Fantasy each game takes place in a different area of the same world, though each game ties in with the other with recurring themes and characters.
Suikoden is the greatest RPG series you've probably never heard about.
by Wererat42 August 13, 2008