this is the lacrosse ball. it is called sugar because the stick may be referred to as a spoon and also the ball is white like sugar.
get your spoon and we'll pass the sugar around in the backyard, i just have to get my pinnie on.
by laxbroski May 19, 2009
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A sweet flavored, grainy substance used to add flavor to beverages and baked goods.
I like my coffee with cream and sugar.
by Hanover Booty Contest June 22, 2005
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That stuff your old, southern grandma asks you to give her when you come to visit.
Come or' heernt and give your grandma some sugar.
by Michael Hodge April 11, 2005
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A usually white substance that looks like salt but can be easily differed from due to it's sweet taste. this gives a quick burst of energy & usually makes kids hyper due to their small capacity for sugar. it's usually on candies & drinks.
Yun: i want Sugar now!
Yin:you sure bro? you're only 7 and just a small amount can make you hyperactive!
Yun: you be quiet silly goose ill get it myself!
via giphy
by a wild bandaid May 06, 2017
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Tiny ninja miners, which hide in food, to mine your teeth to use in weapons.
Sugar-- 40g means 40 ninjas, all the better to mine with
by Toasting May 21, 2013
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African-american vernacular used to describe the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.
My mama been doin' better ever since she started takin' pills for her sugar.
by grohl March 30, 2005
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verb; "to sugar"

the act of buying something for someone for no reason other than pure affection or adoration for the receiver
me: I really really wanna go to that show tomorrow but I haven't gotten paid yet

you: I'll sugar you tickets :)
by Mcgoogles122 October 08, 2019
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