Sugar is another name for suga from bts. He is sweet and cute but swag in the same time
Suga is contains alot of sugar that gives you diabetes.
by Google translates June 30, 2018
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John-" bro you want the sugar?"
Other Kid-"sure!!!"
*gives sugar*
*kid snorts it*
by JaFfYlAfFy January 28, 2019
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A dangerous compound that is placed in the foreskin and known to cause ants.
โ€œOh fuck, I left sugar in my foreskin last night and now Iโ€™ve got ants.โ€
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by SexManZay February 27, 2019
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usually means sucrose, the white granular sweet stuff. But for older guys it was a term for kissing and cuddling, or heavy petting, with a girl.

A guy might ask a girl for "some sugar" as he slipped his arm around her shoulders, but the girls all knew we really wanted some pussy.
"Come on baby, how about some sugar?"
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by stray_cat May 23, 2019
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The stuff that comes out when your having sex, also a great song
"I never get any sugar from my man"
by rah rah replica December 19, 2005
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